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“You d**k head” former trump advisor sebastian gorka flogs jim acosta for saying this(read full story)

Wherever Jim Acosta goes, you can be sure fireworks and humor will follow, almost always resulting in someone handing Acosta his ass.

As Acosta entered the White House Press Briefing Room Friday, he recognized former Trump advisor Sebastian Gorka and was quick to ask him what he thought he was doing there as the room is “for journalists only,” cueing Gorka to rip CNN’s senior fake news artist a new exhaust port, bellowing, for all present to hear, “Acosta, you are a dickhead”

It was reported that Acosta maintained a safe distance from Gorka for the remainder of his time in the press room.

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Jimmy Boy Acosta is a treasonous piece of fake newS Shit! How did his partners in crime at cnn just happen to be in the visenity of Roger Stones house when the 29 FBI agents with AR-15’s, side arms and the militarized mob squad police showed up UN-ANNOUNCED at Stone’s house for an alleged white collar crime? Mere coincidence? I think not!!! Those lying, repugnant, satanic, pedophile endorsing losers were tipped off! More than likely by the evil witch hillary clit-on herself! cnn’s ratings are worse than the Cartoon Network! LMFAO! The are defiantly worse than cartoons, FOR SURE! HARD… Read more »

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