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WTH? After gaining public support from rashida tlaib,islamic group does the unthinkable,Trump fights back (see tweets)

The so called Cair keeps proving over and over that it doesn’t care about the safety of Americans

Huda muthana have been banned from returning to U.S by Donald trump,the president took to his twitter to announce that he have instructed secretary of state’s mike pompeo not to allow her back to the country

On Wednesday evening, Jordan Schachtel from Conservative Review noted that CAIR is “not just simply advocating for ISIS devotee Hoda Muthana, they are also providing her a pro bono attorney. Hassan Shilby, an Islamist himself, is the director of CAIR’s Florida chapter and a national spokesperson for the org.”

The mainstream media has been attempting to paint a “heartbreaking” and sympathetic portrait of Muthana, despite the fact that she married four ISIS fighters in Syria. Muthana also infamously used social media to call for Americans to come to the self-proclaimed Caliphate and join the fight with ISIS.

“Soooo many Aussies and Brits here, but where are the Americans, wake up u cowards,” she posted on social media in January 2015.

Muthana also called for more American blood to be spilled. On March 2015, she tweeted: “Go on drive-bys and spill all of their blood, or rent a big truck and drive all over them.”

Rep. Ilhan Omar is listed as the featured speaker at CAIR’s 4th Annual Valley Banquet in California on March 23. Omar will be sharing the stage with Shibly, who is representing Muthana, and believes that Hezbollah and Hamas are not terrorist organizations. He also openly despises gay people.

The director of CAIR-Los Angeles is Hussam Ayloush, who suggested that the US is “partly responsible” for the San Bernardino terrorist attacks. This seems to be a sentiment Omar could relate to, as she previously made excuses for a 2013 terrorist attack, claiming the attack which left 71 people dead and over 200 wounded was “a reaction” to “our involvement in other people’s affairs.”

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Sitting Bull
Sitting Bull

Come one come all the Democrats will accept any and all terrorist murderers rapist and drug cartels all you habe to do is vote all Democrats in office


[…] Read here : WTH? After gaining public support from rashida tlaib,islamic group does the unthinkable,Trump fights… […]

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