Why is It Impossible for Democrats to Recognize We Have a Border Crisis?

Has modern science yet discovered the disease or genetic anomaly that causes this irrational and illogical way of thinking that is displayed by Democratic leaders? If we allowed the children to stay with their parents in jail, it would not only be dangerous and irresponsible but they, the left, would quickly point that out.


Those crossing our border are not only breaking the law, but how many laws do they break once they get to America?


Check the facts.


Between two and three percent of all border apprehensions involve criminal illegal aliens, those with known criminal records. That’s roughly 10,000 criminals per year that are kept out of America by border patrol.


The only thing Democrats would accept is for us to allow the enormous illegal immigration flow at the open border so they can hand out their party brochures as they grant voter rights automatically without vetting.

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