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Two side’s of a rough coin as robert mueller’s probe about coming to close

Sure, there have been a few nasty tweets, and maybe an over-caffeinated interview or two. But ever since Special Counsel Robert Mueller began investigating the Kremlin’s interference in the U.S. election, Trump World has basically played nice. The White House and the Trump campaign forked over reams of documents. A host of top figures, including senior White House staff, lined up to interview with the Special Counsel—including former White House Counsel Don McGahn, who sat with Mueller’s team multiple times. Even the president himself answered written questions (though it appears Mueller still wants more).

Now, Mueller’s team is writing a report detailing its findings, which will go to the attorney general, who will decide whether or not to give it to Congress. At that point, the Trump administration’s conflict with Mueller could burst the bounds of Twitter and show up in court.

A person familiar with the president’s legal team’s thinking told us that Trump’s lawyers expect a complex, multi-faceted process to ensue after Mueller’s team drops its report—potentially involving a legal battle over executive privilege.

This depends on what’s in the report, of course. Rudy Giuliani, the face of Trump’s personal legal team, told us he couldn’t speculate about any potential fights until he sees the report.

“If the report doesn’t deal with sensitive, privileged material, then we probably will have no objection,” he said. “But we can’t know that until we see it, and we can’t know if we’re going to agree to all of it, some of it—there’s no way to know that in the abstract.”

“Maybe there will be no problem,” he said. “Maybe there will be selective problems.”

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