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Happening Now!! Trump “Approves” Whitehouse to Reinstate Jim Acosta’s credentials

A federal judge has ordered the White House to reinstate the hard pass that was previously taken from Jim Acosta, allowing him to return to the White House press  pool.

The thing about Acosta is that he’s definitely a Trump hater, but instead of allowing his professionalism to guide the way, he lets his ego lead, and as a result, he says and does things that accomplish nothing and go nowhere.

Let me be clear. I don’t dislike Acosta so much because he’s anti-Trump. I dislike Acosta so much because he wastes my time. He wastes your time. He wastes the time of other reporters who could be getting answers about a specific subject.

This is essentially what Trump acted on. He was offended, he was angry, he had power, and he utilized it against a member of the press.

My hope is that, in the long run, we never see Jim Acosta in the White House press corps again. He’s a waste of space and a bad example for all other reporters. However, the Trump administration fouled up on two things:

For one, Trump opened the floodgates by reacting so quickly in anger, and with Acosta getting his press pass returned by court order, it will probably embolden other reporters to act similarly in the future. Secondly, his hasty action divided many, including his Republican base, causing him to look even more foolish.

I’m sad to see him back, but I’m glad he is back, at least for now. I’m glad the judge reversed Trump’s hasty ban, be it temporarily. I’d hate for any more hasty bans to suddenly be utilized in the future, and Republicans won’t be in power forever.

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Not a Retard
Not a Retard

How does it feel being anti-free speech and pro-fascism you fucking idiot


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