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These new facts reveals democrats are off the wall with shameless hypocritical political buffoonery (see)


They were in favor of the wall, and now that Trump is in favor, the Democrats are not

President Trump’s “WALL” has risen to the ranks of the most famous walls of all time – the fallen walls of Jericho, the Great Wall of China, the Berlin Wall, the Wailing Wall and – oh yeah — that record album by Pink Floyd.

To understand why there is even a discussion about a proverbial wall along the Mexican border, we need to understand the situation as it is today.  This year, alone, more than 320,000 people were arrested by border patrol illegally crossing the American-Mexican border.  Unlike the carefully selected media images, the vast majority are not women clinging to their small children, but young single men – and many of the children are not with their parents but with “coyotes” who bring them across for pay and for illicit purposes.  Many are older teenage ”children” without any accompaniment.

Based on history, more than 80 percent of these will NOT be eligible for asylum.  Looking for a “better life” is not sufficient.  To gain asylum one must prove to be escaping serious oppression and potential physical harm from their government.  Even living in a crime-ridden neighborhood is not enough.

In the past year, more than 7,000 of those crossing had serious felony criminal records, including murderers, rapists and thieves.  More than 800 were gang members – including MS13 – and drug dealers.  When one considers what even one criminal can do, these numbers are frightening.


Against these scary numbers both Republicans and Democrats say they are for “greater border security,” but the Democrats are lying.  Yes, willfully lying with all the intent and credibility of Baron Von Munchhausen, but without the proboscis problem of Pinocchio … unfortunately.

How do we know they are lying?  First and foremost is that when they had the White House and both chambers of Congress – and then-candidate Barack Obama promised to make immigration the priority of his administration – the Democrats did nothing … nada … to correct any of the immigration issues, including border security.  Since then, they have been against any reforms that would fix the problem.  That is why we still have the problem.


The Democrats have refused to change the policies that allow even the most dubious claims of asylum to enable virtually every border crosser  — legal and illegal – to remain in America with little to no vetting and no tracking.


In addition, Democrats have proposed and passed several programs and laws that actually encourage illegal crossing – including free schooling for their children, welfare benefits, jobs, drivers’ licenses (which lead to illegal voting) and safe sanctuary for illegals (even criminals) and opposition to enforcement of federal laws by ICE.

Democrats have used their allies in the media to misinform American citizens regarding the nature of the problem.  You will recall that Democrats said that the caravan was just a normal organic movement – not organized by left wing organizations.  A lie.  MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough led in the media’s false narrative that the caravan would never even reach the border.  A lie.  There was that “its only a bunch of poor women and small children.  A lie.


In talking about “the wall,” Democrats and the news cronies create a strawman argument.  They persist in describing the Trump wall as 2,000 miles of brick or concrete barrier comparable to the Great Wall of China – even though Trump has repeatedly said that “the wall” will be different things in different places.

It was almost two years ago that this writer did a column noting that the word “wall” for supporters of Trump’s efforts to harden the border was a metaphor for various means, at various places, to minimize illegal crossing.  Trump, himself, has made that distinction a number of times.  Yet, the anti-Trump forces falsely compare Trump’s proposal to the Chinese version of a “Medieval-like” structure that would transcend the entire 2,000 miles.  They make ridiculous hair-splitting differentiations – claiming one of Trump’s examples is a big “fence,” not a wall.


In an effort to deflect from the central issue, they keep bringing up Trump’s assurances that Mexico would pay for the wall.  Agreed, that is worthy of discussion and criticism.  It was a bold campaign statement and there is no assurance that Mexico will pay for the wall.


BUT … it is a meaningless side argument.  Trump’s promise makes no difference in the reality of the situation.  The American border is porous.  Too many people are entering America – and staying – illegally.  Whether Mexico or Jeff Bezos pays for the wall (and he could) makes no difference.  We need it secured … Period.

The savings in just one year to the American economy would pay for the highest proposed figure for border security … the metamorphic wall.  It would come from a reduction in crime, reduction in law enforcement, employment opportunities for citizens and legal residents (meaning more tax money), reduction in welfare costs and even a reduction in the cost of day-to-day border security.


This issue has not been resolved for only two reasons.  Democrats and the left-wing media want to bring down Trump with constant negative narrative.  That is why they have hypocritically withdrawn their own past proposals to provide money for border security – including what they once called “a wall” – and their once voiced opposition to illegal immigration.   As the situation on the border got worse, the Democrats commitment to fixing it has diminished.  And there only seems to be one reason.  Political opposition to all things Trumpian.

The second reason Democrats are not eager to close the borders is that they believe – and for good reasons – that the vast majority of the illegal immigrants that stay in America will support Democrats.  They will eventually be legal voters – and in the meantime vote illegally in some cases.  The latter is not a theory of political paranoia, but an established fact in cases throughout the nation – especially in the major cities where the election process is controlled by corrupt Democrat political machines.

The amount of funding to completely accomplish Trump’s vision of an effective border barrier is minuscule to the size of even the discretionary (non-entitlements) portion of the budget.  If it was only the amount of money that Democrats claim to be a factor, “the wall” would have been funded at the onset of the Trump administration.

Currently, Democrats are ignoring their own calls for a wall in the past and the fact they once put $25 billion on the table for border security that could have included walls.  Their 180-degree turn-around was solely an anti-Trump tactic designed to appease their radical base.  Rarely have even the most crass and partisan politicians waged such a major impasse over such a very small issue.  The American people are now witnessing a comic opera performed by buffoons.


So, there ‘tis.

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