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The dirty grand strategy of how socialists plan to steal 2020 elections revealed

The key to understanding how socialists posing as progressives are trying to take over Election 2020 is understanding exactly who Senator Bernie Sanders really is. Everyone who can read or write knows Sanders is a lifelong socialist who made it rich riding on the coat tails of Capitalist America. What some folks may not know is that he’s in the race merely to make Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Michelle Obama, Joe Biden et al look good.


He’s there to frighten folk into voting for a progressive rather than a socialist—never knowing that they are one and the same thing.

Bottom line: Sensible folks will want to run from Sanders and run to whomever the Democrats send out against President Donald Trump. What the Dems are trying to con voters into thinking is that they will be safer voting PROGRESSIVE over SOCIALISM, without ever hinting that Harris, Booker, Obama, and Biden are socialists too.

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