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See the old woman from prague predicting end of the world

My family member went to Europe two months ago. He met an old woman who told him about her dream. She and her husband enjoyed tourists and were local farmers. They got to talking about clairvoyance and her husband said she’d had many dreams which came true.
Every american have to resist oppression as conservative radio host flee after death threats for doing this2019/01/04

The old woman told about a dream of the end, where she died. She had dreamed this several times over the years. A missle or explosion of some sort, came from the south (of the Czech Republic)and destroyed her home, and killed her.
Game of the deep states “justice is coming” hacker kim dotcom just revealed next rounds of leaks2019/01/06
In the dream, when the explosion happens, she saw it as from above it, and always saw 1 tree in her front yard.


She couldn’t understand this, as she always had 2 trees in her front yard. Then last year, one of the trees was destroyed by a bad storm.

Now there is 1 tree. She told my family member she believed THIS was the year, 2019, the beginning of the end.
Biggest medical conspiracy of all time: DOJ attorneys covered up autism/vaccine connection2019/01/06
I lost this family member 3 weeks ago, and wanted to pass on this story. He was my compadre in all the end of the world speculations over our lifetime.

Maybe he was taken to spare him what’s coming. I’m passing this on in his honor.

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