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Red alert: trump is in danger!! (Must read)

It’s never been so urgent to understand the sheer depth and breadth of the seditious globalist plot against the POTUS.


State of the Nation


No U.S. President has ever been under such blistering and constant siege by the perfidious Mainstream Media (MSM).


The unrelenting and highly negative media coverage of President Trump’s every move and word is being executed with great purpose and extraordinary calculation. See Gaslighting the POTUS!

The globalist’s covert plan is quite simple: Carry out a comprehensive and scorching campaign of character assassination against Trump prior to implementing “Phase 2” of their seditious scheme to overthrow the POTUS.  Incidentally, TPTB have already put the prez on notice: Deep State Warning to Trump


When even the all-powerful Federal Reserve is playing a BIG public part in this otherwise clandestine conspiracy to subvert the US government, it’s quite evident that something very BIG is about to go down. See: Federal Reserve Bank Colludes with Deep State to Crash Stock Market


The one-two punch MO


Who doesn’t know that the first punch of a boxing knockout is much more important than the second one?


Well that’s exactly why the CIA’s Mockingbird Media (MM) has been employed by the Very Deep State to conduct a searing and unceasing propaganda campaign against Trump.

This complex and deliberate strategy actually employs multiple tactics of personal destruction and political liquidation.  In the process, Donald Trump has been turned into a veritable pin cushion.


The most obvious rogue CIA tactics are the use of character assassination by any means possible.  Of course, this includes defamation of character via vicious slander and reckless libel, outright prevarication and pejorative slurs, misleading innuendo and false rumors.

The New World Order globalist cabal, that uses this same blueprint for neutralizing nationalist leaders around the globe, has set their sights on Trump like no other leader in modern history.


But why such a transparent and relentless and outrageous plot to a presidential takedown?


Because the perps know that, were they to resort to physical assassination, a critical mass of American people must first be brainwashed to hate Trump.

KEY POINT: There’s an epic competition going on between the Patriot Movement and the globalist cabal.  It concerns which side will attract the most followers.  If the globalists felt they had a critical mass of supporters, Trump would already be gone.  Because the nationalists have only grown in numbers worldwide, they know it’s just a matter of time before they will prevail; hence, the NWO cabal attempts to censor them at every turn.  The $64,000 question, then, is will Trump press the button once he has the numbers to support his real revolution.

You see, the globalists know that, if they were to take out Trump via a C.I.A. assassination team like the Operation 40 hit squad that killed President John F. Kennedy, the U.S. citizenry must be conditioned beforehand to accept the gruesome outcome.


The Left has already been socially engineered for decades to hate any type of a Trump-like figure who is at heart a patriot and nationalist, as well as a conservative and traditional persona.

Now that the globalists have the Democrats (liberals, progressives, left-wingers, LGBTers, etc.) in their back pocket, they know they need to con the other half of the body politic—the Right.  Of course, the Independents in the middle are also under withering assault from the unwavering MSM propaganda campaign targeting Trump.

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