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Ocasio cortez using outrageous method to collect bribe legally in less than 3weeks after winning seat(a must read)

This is bloody outrageous and should not be allowed by any Congress member.

AOC started her “leadership PAC”: “Courage to Change”, the process to accept lobbying bribes, less than three weeks after winning her seat.


With her Leadership PAC now established, AOC can now, and will now, legally accept payments from lobbyists within the banking and finance sector. Her PAC is how AOC’s office will now pay for her DC expenses. It’s all legal bribery and done by every representative.


If you watch the “Courage to Change” PAC incomes and expenditures you be able to see who is paying Cortez, and you’ll get some idea of where she is spending it.

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Lorraine Yonts
Lorraine Yonts

Get this commie pinko out of our legislature. Fuck’s sake, what’s the delay? Snatch her ass up and outta there NOW—she’s an enemy combatant!

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