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Nancy pelosi now wants to eradicate executive powers,sends message to europe (video)


Wow. Does she think the globalists are still in charge? Or herself in charge?


Will she be stupid enough to go for it when Trump and Pence are both out of the country?


There are supposed to be three co-equal branches of goverment that limits each others power. In W’s time, they were pushing for presidential power and congress did nothing. Now they want to eradicate presidential power and congress still does nothing.


A free republic cannot stand without men of integrity running the show.

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Has she forgotten that the House is only PART of the legislative body?? Has she called Mitch McConnell and had him abdicate his role in the Senate to her?? Frankly she sounds a lot like ALEXANDER HAIG who declared himself in charge after President Reagan’s shooting. Clearly she has some medical issues going on! The way that she shakes, and gets the tremors, not to mention her inability to form and complete a sentence. I don’t know if it is an illness or the response of a therapeutic medication but she is not well. IF I were to hazard a… Read more »

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