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Must read : seth rich’s murder is key to everything happening to roger stones now

The Seth Rich murder is key to EVERYTHING happening now……


Mueller is just the Democrat Communist Party ‘clean-up man’ for the coming 2020 elections of which the witch herself (HRC) intends to run. Mueller is clearing the way by keeping anyone and everyone of Trump’s associates busy financially in court and providing media with the tools to do just that !

Those informed know there is “No Collusion” but ‘Process Crimes’ are easy to adjudicate and (most) anyone that has to appear before Mueller’s kangaroo hearings can easily be found guilty.


NORMALLY……a ‘Process Crime’ requires a simple notification for the defendant to ‘turn-themselves-in’ by a specified time and day.


Not the case lately by the Mueller team, because ‘optics’ are everything and media coverage is essential in paving the way for a Democrat win in 2020. Relying on the stupidity of the population, the narrative about “Russian Collusion” is then stamped on everyone’s forehead….again and again until 2020.


“CNN White House correspondent Jeff Zeleny said Sunday on CNN’s “Inside Politics” that Clinton told people “as recently as this week” that she isn’t “closing the doors to the idea of running in 2020.”

Who runs the FBI (behind the scene) is NOW in question, regardless of Trump’s appointment of Christopher Wray….selected to bring honesty and integrity to the besieged FBI after top leadership took a major hit for going political on Trump. Wray in a recent statement about the shutdown has angered him to no avail…


“It takes a lot to get me angry, but I’m about as angry as I’ve been in a long, long time,” Wray said


Was that the reason why the FBI staged a Hollywood style raid on Roger Stone??


If we look back at a few famous FBI Hollywood Raids, we don’t have to look back very far to the massive build-up of FBI operations in Burns Oregon over the Bundy’s (occupation) of the Malheur Wildlife Reserve, far less threatening than Obama and Hillary’s ‘Occupy Wall Street.’


But never the less….the FBI showed-up to Burns Oregon, like they did at Roger Stone’s home this past week, and as the Wildlife Refuge Occupation was gaining support by Americans, it ultimately resulted in the shooting death of Lavoy Finicum and a lying FBI agent discovered later during the hearings. What was that all about??

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Canadian guy
Canadian guy

There is no way on gods green earth the united states is the greatest anymore.. The people are stupid the government in 100% corrupt. Congress has two sets of laws rich n poor.. There are more laws in place in the US then can be counted. You have a war on drugs with the highest prison population.. All your food products are made out of plastic and petro bi products. The whole world hates the US and wants to kill you.. You let a dumb nigger in office. You have more homeless then anywhere in the world.. California has higher… Read more »

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