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Liberals Claim That Illegals Commit Less Crime Than US Citizens. That Is A Lie! Here Are The Real, OFFICIAL, Government Figures

Photo, above: CNN fake news artist John Berman parrots the erroneous Democrat talking point that native-born Americans commit more crime than illegal immigrants. The official government numbers prove that Berman is a barefaced liar!


I am sick to tears of the clamoring leftist talking heads denying that illegal immigration crime is an issue by claiming that illegal immigrants commit far less crime than native-born Americans.

Granted, liberals see themselves as being far superior to Joe Sixpack, but that doesn’t change the real numbers, no matter how many bullshit, agenda-driven Ivy League and liberal think tank surveys they cite.


One need look no further than the incarceration rates of illegal immigrants vs. native-born Americans to determine the true numbers.

The OFFICIAL numbers come from DOJ and GAO. Here they are….

DOJ concludes that 26% of federal inmates are illegal aliens, which tracks closely with GAO’s official figures, illustrated in Figure 1, below.

Here is the real math. There are 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States. That is roughly 3% of the US population. Yet, illegal immigrants commit 26% of crimes serious enough to warrant a prison sentence.

Hmmmm. So, in reality, illegal immigrants are about nine times as likely to commit serious crimes than native-born Americans.

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Mark pleavin
Mark pleavin

Don’t allow any illegals then and there’s zero crime doh stupid idiots they get there brains off chuck and his bitch

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