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Isn’t this treason? Nancy pelosi openly surrenders american flag


US Government OFFICIAL and Sitting Speaker of The House, Nancy Pelosi met with Mexican Officials in Laredo, Texas at the Border this weekend to share a hug with a Mexican official and affirm her opposition to President Donald Trump’s national emergency declaration. *conspiring with a foreign government against our duly elected President??**

The ceremony sponsored by the Washington’s Birthday Celebration Association of Laredo which annually brings together officials from Mexico and the U.S. to promote friendship. The video showed Pelosi hugging a Mexican official during the International Bridge Ceremony.

“I’ll remember this trip for years to come,” Pelosi wrote on Twitter. Saturday’s event came one day after Pelosi helped launch the House Democrats’ effort to fight Trump’s state of emergency declaration. The House will vote Tuesday on a measure that would block the declaration.

Look at the videos, she surrendered our Flag to a Foreign Nation and took their flag and she is the sitting Speaker of the House.

This is treason.

When “Conquistadors” “land”, the first order of business is to “Plant-Their-Flag” which (Internationally) is interpreted-as, or indicates “Occupation” and/or “Possession”.

If you see a Foreign Flag on American soil, it should be torn-down and stomped, or burned…
Foreign flags flying on American soil is indicative of “Occupation” and “Possession”…

This happened Saturday Feb. 23, 2019 as our Duly Elected President was overseas negotiating with our allies and attempting to sway our enemies from being enemies to being allies.

At a point you have to blame republicans in the senate for letting democrats get away with all there are doing without doing anything to stop them,what do you think?

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Sitting Bull
Sitting Bull

This scum bag should be hung in down town Washington DC.

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