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Border wall funding “the money has been right under our noses” as dirty cabals fighting U.S security is exposed

The Democrats in Congress are determined not to allow President Trump to build his promised border wall by not funding it and part of the government has been shut down as a result. As they argue the merits and morality of having a border wall or not having a border wall, thousands of illegal immigrants continue to pour over the border, where they are held by ICE as long as legally permitted, then released into American communities.

Here is what I don’t understand. Why are we even having this argument over border wall funding? Why doesn’t President Trump take the money saved by pulling out of Syria and use it to build the wall, a total of $16.3 billion that is already in the 2019 budget for? Some people would oblige him to Sign the budget, put federal employees back to work, and use the Syria money for the wall.

“According to data from the Costs of War project at Brown University, cited by Quartz Wednesday, the U.S. has already budgeted more money for Syrian operations in 2019 compared to 2018. The Defense Department expected to spend roughly $15.3 billion in Syria this year(2019) before trump drafted withdrawal from Syria late last year, the highest level yet, with the State Department accounting for another billion in foreign aid.”

Democrats in congress such as pelosi and schumer have been devising manipulative mechanisms to delay trump, plans to go on with alternative fundings would stall the DACA deal which the dems have been lobbying for. The delay is to bring trump to his knees to accept the DACA deal in exchange for the border wall funding.

Nancy pelosi’s lavish lifestyle and how much its costing the U.S

The wall is seriously needed at this point as economic crisis in south America keeps elevating forcing foreigners seeking greener pasture into the U.S without proper checks which is not good for any country facing rising security challenges as US.

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